Secondary & Senior Secondary Section

Secondary: It is at high school that a student begins to study in a more specific way and starts gaining deeper knowledge. The transition from primary to secondary classes is a smooth but noticeable shift. We help our students to develop their learning ability, correct their flaws and hone their skills to become a complete learner. Our teachers guide and inspire the students to dream big and achieve their goals. Along with helping them attain academic success, we motivate them to keep discovering new opportunities. We take care that our students are never overburdened by academic stress, and provide them platforms to identify and broaden their inner skills in sports, arts, social abilities of togetherness, leadership etc.   

Secondary Level Includes Grade VIII TO X.

Subjects Included :

  • English (Communicative)
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Hindi (Course B)(as a second language)
  • Computer Science(as an additional subject)
  • Work Experience
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Art


Senior-Secondary Level Includes Grades XI & XII.

Subjects Included:

  • English (Core)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physical Education
  • Work Experience
  • Physical & Health Education

Evaluation is continuous and reveals the strengths and weaknesses of students more frequently. This is done to ensure a better opportunity is provided to understand and improve themselves. It also provides feedback to the teachers for modifying their teaching strategies.

Class XI:

A student must secure passing marks as per CBSE norms.

Class XII:

The performance will be regularly monitored by periodical tests. Two unit tests and Pre-Board Test will be administered. Prelims will be held for Std. XII in the months of December, January & February Appearing and passing in the above evaluations is necessary to qualify for board examinations. The skills achieved for co-curricular activities will be graded by respective teachers as per CBSE guidelines. The report card will indicate positional letter grades in each subject on a ten-point/five-point scale as per CBSE guidelines.