It is appropriate to quote some lines of Daniel Webster that bring out the role of teachers in human society.

“if we work on marble,it will perish,if we work upon brass time will efface it,if we rear temples,they will one day crumple into dust,but if we work on immortal souls,if we imbue them with principles,with the just fear of the Creator and love fellow men,we engrave on those tablets, something which will brighten all eternity.”

This brings out the onerous responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the teaching community and it becomes mandatory that teachers do their utmost in shaping mind and hearts of youth by their own conduct,which is produced only by a wise self-restraint,which is the need of the hour,given the kind of times we are living in.

The teachers need to continue to learn through out their life,not confirming themselves only to the mundane chores of academic teaching but lesson from day-today life.

As teachers we need to enter their private domain and help in nurturing their talents, aptitudes and strengths rather than curbing them by imposing our own expectations upon them.

Let us resolve to continue to churn out Eklavyas and Vivekanandas who would make teaches proud.The greatest and perhaps the only perfect gift that we can give to the world,is the gift of ourselves at our best and that means not just the skills of our hands and the cunning of our brains,our finest resolutions and the most solemn promises to ourselves.

Thank You.